5 Reasons why Charities choose FabFox.co.uk

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1) Discounted hosting from the very beginning – FabFox.co.uk are proud to be working with some of the UK’s leading Charities. We provide discounted (half price) hosting for all Charities on the UK Charity register. As long as you have a Charity number, we’ll be happy to help. All we ask is you pay for the domain and keep up the payments for the discounted monthly hosting.

2) Free e-mails – We provide up to 100 e-mail addresses per charity, we’ll also show you how to install them on all your devices, Mac’s, Pc’s, iPads, Mobiles etc.

3) Free SSL certificate – Unlike other web agencies, we don’t charge for SSL certificates. We’ll keep your website secure from hackers and provide the famous ‘padlock’ that shows your website is secure from attacks.

4) WordPress hosting specialists – WordPress is our bread and butter. We’ve worked with WordPress for many years and can create gorgeous websites to your specifications. Whether you are an Animal rescue charity or defending human rights, we’ll do our best to make your site look stunning and keep your visitors interested.

5) Something not working? We’ll fix it – We keep backups of your website that are taken every day for the last 30 days (e-mails included) – So if you make a mistake, or a plugin suddenly stops working and the site is offline, we’ll step in, investigate and do our best to fix it. This could include disabling pesky plugins, to restoring your entire website and we’ll treat it with the urgency it requires.

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