Why should I use a staging site?

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What is a staging site? Quite simply, it’s like your own private copy of your website. It’s a place where you can modify your site, and when it’s ready to be made public, we can push it to the live version at the press of a button.

Our WordPress hosting comes with a free staging service. This means we can make a copy of your website to work on, and edit this copy without affecting the look of the ‘live’ site. For example, you think your site is looking a little dated and you want to completely renovate it with a different look and theme. If you were to make these edits on the main, ‘live’ site, then you risk mistakes being made public. Even worse, if you try to update the live site and a plugin or theme causes the site to crash, that means all of your visitors will see the broken version of your site. This is where staging comes in.

The staging site is an exact copy of the main site. So you can edit this website in the background, and when your website is ready to be made public, you can ‘push’ this to the main site in a matter of minutes. This means you’ll have the opportunity to ensure the site is working and looks great before you commit to making it public. It also means that if you wanted to completely change the theme, you can do this safe in the knowledge that your edits can only be seen by you.

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